Los Ranchos SteakHouse

By Alexander Lara

Rafael Wong is part of the new generation of Ranchos Restaurant, Rafael is the son of  the  owner Mr Wong and has been working at the restaurant since the year 96, Mr. John Wong had a cafeteria in downtown Miami in 1979 where he offered casual dining.  In 1981 the opportunity to open his first restaurant Los Ranchos Ne Restaurant was born July 1981 on 107th Avenue and is continuing today, when the restaurant first opened is was only a room for 50 people. Currently there capacity is for 220 people. They have thirty years experience and good experiences. The name comes from Nicaragua’s Ranch. The biggest challenge for Los Ranchos is good food, good service and good products, a where a family atmosphere to share with friends. Rafael mentioned that the Restaurant have held all sorts of family events including weddings. Its projection for 2012 is to open the fourth restaurant for which they are studying various proposals. Maybe upgrade a bit the format of the restaurant is also in the projects.

In his specialty is the Nacatamal known for its origin as a traditional food Nicaragua, the steak ranches, tips, tenderloin steak, fajitas among other thirteen specialty meats. In the menu of seafood special recommendation “cancun” shrimp (Grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon). Ranchos restaurant a place for tradition of good food in Miami.

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