Tips on building an effective Landing Page

When building a landing page, there are many factors that may help you capture more leads. This depends on the industry you are in, the action you are asking a consumer or business type to take, type of advertising that is driving traffic to the site (CPA, PPC, Organic SEO, All of the Above, etc.).

Standard Rules for optimizing Landing Pages:

1) Must load fast.

2) Less is more on the form – the more info you request typically your conversions drop on par. Although this can be impacted by the implicit offer.

3) URL of the Landing Page and integration with corporate web site can drive conversions and brand awareness.

4) No outbound external links on the page to anything else (minimize distractions).

5) Clean graphics that reinforce the branding – maybe ugly works too as above, but I’ve never tried it. But, in advertising, if your brand messaging stands out this can be a good thing. Like ancient adage about PR: “any PR is better than no PR” unless you are BP or Brett Favre with a smartphone in hand.

6) Registration form should be backed up by quality “thank you page” that reinforces the branding and messaging – not a plain vanilla “thanks for……”

7) Test, retest and test your offers again.
8) Add a Sociables component to the Thank You page for Liking, Sharing, ReTweeting – may give your more lift and awareness.

9) If you can make the page viral in some way, can greatly leverage your media costs.

10) Make sure you have analytics working o the page and review them frequently, especially during testing period.

11) Keyword optimize the page – Some one page standalone landing pages generate 300-500 organic visitors per month, or more depending on the client’s market niche.

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