Getting some shade from the sun!

The Rollingshield™ retractable awnings system is the foremost in design and manufacturing. This remarkable awning system has a wide variety of applications, including: porches, patios, courtyards, interior/exterior gardens, balconies, decks and pool decks, skylights, outdoor areas and many enclosed areas around the home or business. Rollingshield’s approach to designer awnings is unique and innovative by using special motorization systems. Sophisticated sensors are used to detect heavy winds that may damage the awning. Once the sensors detect higher wind gusts, of a certain speed, the awning is automatically retracted. Sensors for sun/heat can also be installed to allow the awnings to extend automatically once the sun reaches a certain position.

Our retractable awnings are constructed to shelter areas from the damaging effect of the sun, providing the benefits of year-round sun protection from heat, UV rays and glare. All systems are constructed from heavy-duty aluminum and fade resistant fabrics. Rollingshield™ has one of the largest selections of fabrics (color and patterns).

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