Annoucing the CRMBOOST Social Intranet!

In every CRM implementation, the biggest historical hurdle has been getting the users to fully utilize the CRM and continue to feed data into the database.

With the growth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, interacting with others through the internet has become a day to day activity for most internet users.   Taking this trend into consideration, how does a company incorporate a social network within it’s organization without putting at risk privacy and control issues?   The answer is with CRMBOOST Social Intranet.   CRMBOOST users can now benefit from all the same interaction activities they are already used to but in a working environment.

Users can now interact with each other, across departments, across cities, and much more.  The possibilities are endless!  By bringing together co-workers through a social network, everyone will be up to date with the latest happenings in the company.  So what are some of the uses?

1. Imagine you are a multi-location retail operations and you are waiting for a hot selling product to arrive.   As soon as the container arrives to your distribution center, the warehouse manager posts an update letting everyone know that the container has arrived.   Each location then replies with the quantities they would like transferred to them, and the products are distributed quickly and efficiently.

2. Imagine you are a sales rep on the road and you just happened to be walking into a meeting but cannot find the latest brochures for your presentation.  Simply post on the social intranet asking if anyone can upload the files.   And voila!  anyone in the organization that sees the post can immediately upload the file, and you get a quick notification via email or your smartphone to download it.

3. You are a design firm and need an opinion about a slogan or design.  Simply post a picture or type the slogan and get your peers’ feedback.

The uses are endless.  The bottom line is an improved moral in the company because everyone will be brought closer, and efficiency will increase.   But most importantly, this tool creates an incentive for your staff to utilize the CRM on a daily basis.  Go ahead, give it try.  Contact to get an account if you don’t already have one.  We’ll be glad to provide a quick demo of the system.

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