By Alexander Lara

The name faroz was originated by coincidence. Aroldo, the owner, realized his steaks were what customers liked the best. And keot coming back for Faroz opened its doors to the public on December 26, 2008. Aroldo and his wife always had a taste for barbecue cuisine. Before  Faroz, they had a cafeteria on 87 SW and 40 Ave. The best value of Faroz Grill is the great service they give to all their customers, It feels like home away from home and they can enjoy a home cooked meal. Aroldo will  Renovate his restaurant very soon to give it a new format so it will have a better Appearence.

Their menu has two typical types of soups, a variety of salads for people who enjoy a good salad, All kinds of fruit juices and milk shakes, and they Offer 28 kinds of meats and seafood on ther Menu. And of course, the typical American breakfast.

Faroz Grill is a family restaurant run by its owners that make you feel like
you’re eating at home.

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