By Alexander Lara

SERGIO’S Restaurant stands where used to be a small place that only serves milkshakes and cakes on  SW 40th st. Ms. Blanca bought this business in 1985, but it was too far away from the city because there were not many buildings in that part of Miami at that time. Since she opened Sergio’s it has been a successfull business.

Her philosophy of having fresh food is like it was made by  grandma, that’s what makes the difference, says Carlos Gazitúa, the son of Mrs. Blanca.

In 1992 Coral Way Restaurant opened , and in 2009 abriron in Kendall. Its success is rated week after week since its more than 20,000 registered trademarks of sales orders per week. The greatest satisfaction for this family is to deliver his treasure, teaching and sharing with their employees and customers.

Their food is Cuban and Latin American with the best of local dishes such as fried cow, the masses of pork and steaks. Another of its pleasurable dishes are Cuban-style fajitas and tapas. The recommendation of the house is not leave without trying the Cuban Sandwich and The Miami  Sandwich Bread and tortillas.

Success continues to follow Sergio’s in 2009 abriron became a Cafe for WalMart, with projection to open another next year and officially put on sale the franchise in order to open 25 franchises in the state of Florida.  SERGIO’S a place to enjoy your friends and family with good food, good service and a comfortable environment.

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